A Heartfelt Reflection on Growing Older by Cher


If Cher could, she would turn back time.

While there is a new generation of celebrities who are embracing their age, the renowned singer has never been one to follow fads, as she recently admitted she dislikes getting older.

That’s why Cher reacted unexpectedly to the 25th anniversary of her 1998 smash song “Believe.”

“How amazing is it that ‘Believe’ is 25 years old?” In a Nov. 28 interview with Today’s Harry Smith, the 77-year-old said, “It’s not that amazing, OK?” It irritates me to no end…It’s basically like, “What is this?”

When Harry indicated that she and age don’t mix, the Grammy winner didn’t hesitate to respond.

“No!” Cher stated it succinctly. “My mother didn’t seem to mind, but I do.” It irritates me. I’d give everything to be 70 all over again!”

This isn’t the first time the fashion star has spoken candidly about approaching new stages of life.

“I don’t know if not feeling old makes you younger,” she commented in January of last year. “I keep up with current events.” I have many youthful buddies. “I, too, have old friends.”

“Honestly, I’m not trying to look young,” she concluded. I’m not attempting to appear youthful. I am the person I am. “I’m just getting by.”

It’s an approach that has helped her stretch the boundaries of her job and quirky personal style throughout the years.

“It’s all about having fun,” she explained to the magazine. “The challenge is to keep going.” Things don’t always go as planned, and you have to be willing to put yourself out there, put your a$$ on the line, paint a huge bullseye on it, and keep going.”

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