After Madonna “passed out” in the Restroom, her life was spared by a Kabbalah teacher, according to Madonna

Madonna who passed out and was saved by her kabbalah teacher

Madonna has told how her Kabbalah instructor saved her life when she “passed out” on the floor of her bathroom.

During a concert in Brooklyn, New York, as part of her Celebration global tour, the 65-year-old vocalist alluded to her previous bacterial infection and spoke up about her horrific episode, which culminated in her being placed in an induced coma for 48 hours.

Taking the stage, Madonna thanked her Kabbalah instructor Shavawn and said, “There are some very important people in the room tonight who were with me in the hospital.” I was hauled to the hospital by a very important woman.

“I don’t remember anything; I fell out on my bathroom floor and awoke in the ICU… For 48 hours, I was in an induced coma. She literally saved my life. Thank you so much, Shavawn.”

The ‘Material Girl’ hitmaker, who has practiced Kabbalah since 1996, went on to thank her Kabbalah instructor for their constant support when she was in a coma at the hospital.

“I could only hear his voice. “I overheard him say, ‘Squeeze my hand,'” Madonna explained.

In her open address, Madonna also paid gratitude to her six children, who were also present to support Madonna during her hospitalization.

“When I first became conscious and I saw my six incredible children sitting around me – by the way, I had to almost die to get all my kids in one room,” the pop star said, addressing Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy James, and twins Estere and Stelle.

The Celebration Tour, which was set to begin in North America in mid-July, was postponed due to Madonna’s health problems, causing alarm among her followers worldwide.

She was sent to the ICU for many days owing to a serious bacterial illness, and sources claim she went into acute septic shock and was given Narcan.

Madonna has previously spoken about her health problems. During the Paris leg of her tour, the singer spoke out about her ordeal, saying, “I was infected with some bacteria that nobody knows about.” There is also a 40% mortality rate.

“When I awoke, I saw all of my children surrounding me and realized that this is what will save me.” “My children will come to my aid. It wasn’t me who saved them.”

Madonna has a 27-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, with fitness trainer Carlos Leon, and a 23-year-old son, Rocco, with her ex-husband, film director Guy Ritchie. She also has four adopted children from Malawi: David, 18, Mercy James, 17, and Stella and Estere, 11 years old.

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