An Iconic Food Court Item Is Being Quietly Eliminated from Costco’s Menu

Costco removing a fan favorite off its menu

It is not uncommon for Costco to make modifications to their food court menu. Customers have seen several fan-favorite goods come and go over the years as the famous bulk warehouse worked to fine-tune their offering in order to keep things fresh for its loyal consumers. However, not all changes are embraced with open arms, and Costco customers are not afraid to express their personal grievances with the retail behemoth.

Recently, just in time for the “new year, new me” mania, it’s been reported that Costco is planning to remove a long-standing favorite item off its famous food court menu. After decades as a food court mainstay, Reddit users believe Costco is planning to replace their $1.49 churro with a chocolate chip cookie in early 2024. The shift, which may surprise many, appears to be a wise decision given the dearth of good comments Costco’s churro has received in previous years.

“I’m sorry, but the churros became obsolete when the 50-percent more expensive, ‘new’ and’much less improved,’ twisted version appeared during covid,” one consumer grumbled in a Reddit post about the mediocre food court substitute.

Costco appears to have already begun eliminating churros from the menus of a few locations; but, several consumers have complained that the sweet, doughy dessert is still available at a warehouse near them.

“My warehouse still had the churros yesterday,” a relieved customer said. “I also tried the frozen churros a few weeks ago, and they were delicious.” I’m just glad they’re experimenting with different foods in the food court.”

The reported replacement for the churro has not been formally verified yet, but some consumers have already noticed a chocolate chip cookie in place of the long-standing churro at their local warehouse. Customers were eager to appreciate the Costco churro of the past while condemning the new rendition of their once-loved delicacy, as shown in other Reddit threads about the change.

“The churro wasn’t that great,” one commenter said of their meal. “30 years ago when I was a kid that was the best: fluffy, hot, and smothered in sugar and cinnamon.”

Whatever your feelings are, it appears that the churro’s days are limited, so you might want to hurry to your nearest location before it’s too late and the snack is no longer available. And, as a pro tip, arrive early enough to sample the first batch of the day when it is still hot and fresh.

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