An Upsetting Update From DWTS’ Derek Hough as His Wife Requires a “Skull Implant”

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert

A week after his wife Hayley Erbert underwent brain surgery, Derek Hough has finally provided an update.

The Dancing With The Stars dancer took to Instagram to post a video of Hayley in recovery, along with a lengthy and heartfelt statement.

Hayley and Derek were seen strolling slowly alongside the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool towards the Washington Monument in the footage. Hayley was wearing a helmet on her head, probably as a precaution following her recent surgery.

“As you all know, the past week has been a challenging journey for us due to a life-threatening event that unexpectedly entered our lives,” Derek wrote.

“It was an uncertain and frightening time, going from living our dreams onstage to a nightmare in an instant.” But now, as we share an update with you, we are filled with optimism and relief.”

He told followers that Hayley is doing “fine.” “Her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous,” he said.

Hayley underwent an emergency craniectomy on December 6th after being diagnosed with a cerebral hematoma caused by a broken blood vessel.

Hayley would have another surgery, “hopefully in a few weeks,” to attach a skull implant to replace the section taken during the craniectomy, according to the dancer. This should return the skull to its original form while also protecting the brain from harm.

Derek, clearly distraught after a hard week, thanked everyone for the “incredible support and medical care” Hayley had received.

“It’s served as a stark reminder of how fleeting life can be and how quickly things can change.” But it has also demonstrated our great strength and resilience, as well as the importance of having a supporting community around us.”

He went on to say: “We cannot express enough gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support, messages, prayers and undeniable loving energy we have both felt during this time.”

The pair first met in 2014, when Hayley Erbert, a former contestant on Season 10 of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, applied to tour with him and his sister. She performed with the siblings on two tours and has subsequently been a troupe dancer on six seasons of DWTS. In 2022, the pair got engaged.

Derek and Hayley married earlier this year after dating for almost 10 years; while this wasn’t the holiday season either of them had envisioned, the dancer said they were “incredibly grateful” to have it.

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