Days after announcing the birth of her son, Whitney Cummings gives an update on her body

Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings revealed her postpartum experience and how she dresses for her changing physique only days after announcing the birth of her baby.

Just ask Whitney Cummings, who just announced the birth of her first child, a baby boy, and gave insights into her ever-changing postpartum body.

“Something nobody told me about giving birth is that you stay looking prego for a bit,” she captioned her Dec. 21 Instagram image, “then your body changes every 5 minutes after that.”

Whitney showed off her form in the shot by wearing nothing but gray high-rise shorts. While standing in a post-birth recovery room, she covered her chest with her hands and grinned at the camera.

The actor chimed in, “Thank god @fridamom makes these postpartum shorts that keep everything from falling out.”

Despite providing a look into her life as a new mom, the 41-year-old has kept information of her baby boy private. In fact, she has yet to reveal the name of her child.

In a Dec. 17 post, she joked, “3-D printed a human,” accompanying a photo of herself cradling her kid with his face disguised. “Enjoy me never having brushed hair again.”

Whitney made fun of her pregnancy throughout, adding maternity jokes into her comedy routines and social media posts.

She even joked about counting down the days before she gave birth. “Hopefully this is the last time you see me pregnant.” In one Instagram caption, she questioned, “Tips for labor?” “Besides that I should stream it on OnlyFans?”

And, just one day before announcing the arrival of her son, Whitney tweeted a video of herself standing next to her horse, who sweetly pushed her baby belly.

She said, “My horse wants this baby out as much as yall do.”

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