Derek Hough and wife, Hayley Erbert Share a post-surgery photo

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough

Hayley Erbert, the Dancing with the Stars judge’s wife, had a craniectomy soon before Christmas.

The Hough family is especially grateful this year for their Christmas miracle, as Derek Hough’s wife, Hayley Erbert, is healing at home.

After Hayley, a professional dancer, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a cerebral hematoma from a burst blood vessel during a performance in Washington D.C. as part of their A Symphony of Dance tour, the Dancing with the Stars judge and his wife had a rough few weeks.

She had two operations as a result, and after a successful craniectomy on Wednesday, the Hough family held extra tight this Christmas.

Hayley came to Instagram on December 25th with a joyous Christmas update in a joint post, posting a snapshot of her and Derek kissing by their tree, where she is wearing green pajamas and a matching silk head scarf.

“Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!” she said in the message, adding, “Cherishing the greatest gift of all.”

“The precious gift of life and the love we share,” she went on. Keep your loved ones near and cherish every moment.”

The post’s comments section was instantly overwhelmed with messages of support from friends and fans alike, with Derek’s sister Julianne Hough writing: “You are our Christmas miracle,” and fellow Dancing with the Stars presenter Alfonso Ribeiro adding: “Love you guys.” Christmas greetings. “You look great,” Carrie Ann Inaba said, adding, “It’s great to see you!” Christmas greetings! I’m sending you a lot of love.”

Others replied, “So glad you guys are safe and together,” “Merry Christmas and may continued blessed prayers,” and “Merry Christmas!” I’m sending you both lots of love and blessings.”

Derek previously provided an update on his wife’s health a few days before Christmas, following her craniectomy to replace a piece of skull taken during her initial operation.

“With immense relief, gratitude, and overwhelming joy I’d like to share that Hayley’s cranioplasty surgery has been successfully completed as planned,” he said, sharing a photo of himself leaning on Hayley’s hospital bed. Their knowledge and firm hands were crucial in achieving a smooth and successful procedure.”

“We are profoundly touched by the outpouring of support and prayers from each of you,” he continued. During this difficult time, your thoughts, prayers, and good energy have provided us with strength and comfort. Knowing how much love and care surrounds us is extremely uplifting.”

“This surgery marks a significant milestone in my wife’s recovery journey,” he said. He added: “Your support has played a crucial role in getting us here.”

He went on to say: “We are filled with hope and optimism for the future, knowing she is on the path to a full recovery, surrounded by such a loving community.”

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