Despite Falling Short of Her Weight Loss Goal, Lexi Reed Discloses Valuable Lesson

Lexi Reed on her Weight loss journey

Lexi Reed, a fitness influencer, didn’t break a sweat at her recent weigh-in. “I didn’t gain all that weight overnight,” she said. “I’m not going to lose it overnight.” So, no matter what, keep going.”

Lexi Reed, a fitness influencer, isn’t concerned about the number on the scale.

The social media celebrity, also known online as Fat Girl Fed Up, stated in an Instagram post on December 18 that she did not meet her goal of losing under 200 pounds during her most recent weigh-in session. Instead of getting worked up about it, Lexi presented a constructive takeaway.

“I weighed in this morning at 200.2,” she said on Instagram. “Such a close call!” They say that as you get close to something, it becomes more difficult, right?”

“I have to keep reminding myself that progress is progress, no matter how small,” Lexi Reed, who dropped eight pounds this week in total, added. “All I know is that I worked really hard this week.” But it’s okay since I didn’t gain all that weight overnight, and I’m not going to drop it either. So, no matter what, keep going.”

Maintaining this mentality is critical for Lexi in order to achieve her goals.

“I will get to Wonderland,” she promised. “Whether it’s next week or next year, we’re going to get there.” Keep going, trust in yourself, and strive for progress rather than perfection.”

She subsequently uploaded images of her fitness progress with the caption, “I may not have hit a certain number, but I gave it 100% and that’s the real win.”

Lexi has been candid about her weight reduction journey and health challenges over the years. According to the Mayo Clinic, she was diagnosed with calciphylaxis last year, a rare illness in which calcium accumulates in tiny blood vessels of the adipose and skin tissues.

“I’d never heard of until it completely turned my world upside down,” she posted five months after her diagnosis on Instagram in February. “A disease so uncommon that doctors had to look it up before attempting to treat me.” A illness that left me with dead necrotic skin on my thighs and shoulders, causing severe cuts. A illness that had me in tears every day, contemplating how strong I was to keep going.”

Despite her health issues, Lexi has maintained a good attitude throughout her journey.

According to her own words, “Every scar is proof that I’ve been fighting for my life and against all odds, but this is healing and I’m not giving up no matter what calciphylaxis throws at me.”

Lexi isn’t the only celebrity who has shared her fitness motivation. Continue reading to find out how other celebrities keep motivated at the gym.

Kate Hudson

“I always move, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.” I’ll walk into a room, crank up the music, and simply dance. It’s a fantastic way to unwind and feel amazing.”

DJ Khaled

The record producer recently discussed his passion of golf and how it has helped him lose weight.

“I do it every day, and I get a chance to sit on the golf cart or walk around and answer an email or a phone call and handle my business,” he told Us Weekly in an interview published on September 20. “It’s so much [more] pleasurable, being around nature and the sun.” It purifies me.”

Lana Condor

“To be honest, my favorite way to work up a sweat right now is to play VR.” We bought a virtual reality headset just as everything was closing down, and it’s been really fantastic during quarantine. There are so many games that make you sweat, and it’s amazing. “I am genuinely sore after playing.”

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