Former College basketball player Walt McGrary Dies at 24 Years Old Following Battle with Cancer

Walt McGrory

Walt McGrory, a former Badgers guard at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, died after a two-year battle with bone cancer. He was 24.

“Walt became one with the Divine on Saturday, December 16, 2023,” a note on his Instagram feed said on December 18. “His soul was freed to carry on his great mission of living and helping others live full, healthy lives.” Walt has always suspected that there is something more out there. Something has complete control over the earth.”

From 2017 until 2021, the Minneapolis native was a member of the Wisconsin Badgers. And, despite his plans to begin his fifth and final season of collegiate basketball at the University of South Dakota that spring, while still earning an MBA, his health took a turn.

According to the United States Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in August after discovering a hard mass on his left shin. This is a type of juvenile bone cancer that is seldom discovered in adults.

Walt had many treatments, including chemotherapy and surgery, over the last few years, and recorded his cancer struggle on Instagram. He told that physicians amputated a portion of his left leg in April, and that his illness had spread to his lungs, necessitating another surgical treatment. He stated in September that he planned to seek experimental therapies.

“His journey with osteosarcoma was not easy, but it helped him find that ultimate power source,” according to the Instagram post. “He never lost hope that he and others like him could heal themselves.” His mission has remained unchanged. He is still inspiring, loving, and fighting for people that need it. But now he has the entire might of the cosmos behind him. Open your heart whenever you need more strength in your life, and Walt will be there.”

In his own statement on December 18, Wisconsin coach Greg Gard paid respect to McGrory. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Walt McGrory,” he stated, according to several media sites. “Walt’s courage and fight throughout his two-year battle with cancer was an inspiration to us all.” Walt never gave up. Instead, he opted to fight every day, making the best of his situation by sharing his story and motivating others.”

He said, “Walt was a beloved member of our team and the Badger family, and we will miss him dearly.”

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