In 2024, Oreo Will Release Three New Flavors of Cookies

Oreos adding new flavors for 2024

We’re almost halfway through the month of December, so the most organized among us may already be sketching up their New Year’s plans. If you’re the type of person who is already planning what they want to alter in 2024, you might not want to commit to cutting back on the Oreos. The legendary cookie company has just revealed that three new cookies would be added to its roster early next year, including a new Cakester, a New York-inspired cookie, and a gluten-free version.

The limited edition Oreo Black & White cookies will be available on January 1st, according to Oreo. Of course, they were inspired by the legendary Black & White cookie, which has been a Manhattan bakery staple for almost 100 years. Oreo’s version fills a Golden Oreo cookie with half-chocolate, half-vanilla cream, but we’ll give them credit for making an attempt. (Because these cookies will only be available while supplies last, you may wish to stock up if you test them and enjoy them.)

On January 3, Oreo will release a new gluten-free cookie: the self-explanatory Oreo Gluten-Free Golden. Gluten-free Golden Oreos were the most requested Gluten Free taste, according to Oreo, so the corporation decided to work its magic and bring them to reality. However, unlike the Oreo Black & White cookies, these new gluten-free Oreos will be “a permanent fixture” in the company’s repertoire.

Finally, Oreo is expanding its soft-baked Cakesters assortment with the introduction of Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters. The only difference between these and the regular Cakesters is the filling, which is packed with smooth, creamy peanut butter. Oreo claims that these are also here to stay.

Oreo has been busy, as usual, developing new varieties (and then heartlessly removing them from grocery shelves once their “limited time” expires). It brought back its beloved Oreo Red Velvet cookies earlier this year for a regrettably brief run. Those Oreos first appeared in 2017, and their appearance was hailed with a mix of enthusiasm and disbelief, as if to ask, “How can something this incredible actually exist???” Oreo fans were so anxious that this was a massive online hoax that Snopes had to publish an article clarifying that, sure, Red Velvet Oreos really exist.

This year also saw the introduction of the Most Oreo Oreos, which were filled with cream that contained…Oreo biscuit fragments. They also reintroduced Cotton Candy Oreo cookies after an eight-year absence, as well as S’mores Oreos under the portmanteau “S’mOreo.”

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