Jake Paul and USA Boxing to Form Partnership in Preparation of Paris Olympics

Jake Paul Boxing

Jake Paul is doubling down on his boxing dedication with a one-of-a-kind project.

The YouTuber-turned-prizefighter will work with USA Boxing ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Paul, 26, will accompany the boxing national team to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and the Olympics, essentially covering everything they do on his social media channels with the hopes of raising exposure and popularity for the squad in particular and amateur boxing in general. Paul will also counsel sportsmen on how to build their own brands.

“Within three years of becoming a professional boxer, Jake Paul has emerged as a standout inspiration to younger generations and has emerged as one of the most exciting, influential figures in boxing history,” stated Mike McAtee, executive director of USA Boxing. “Jake’s mentorship will be a vital resource to the young athletes on Team USA to ensure they capitalize on building brand IP as they get the opportunity to perform on the biggest stage in the world at the most iconic contest in history: the Olympics.”

Olympic boxers Joshua Edwards and Morelle McCane attended Paul’s boxing battle against Andre August last Friday night in Orlando. They walked out with Paul for the fight and collaborated on content with him during the event. Paul won with an uppercut in the first round.

“It has always been my goal to shine a spotlight not just on boxing as a sport, but on the people who work so hard to be the best within it,” he said in a statement. “I see and personally share the mindset of pursuing greatness with Mo McCane, Joshua Edwards, and the rest of Team USA’s boxing talent.” The Olympics are the world’s largest platform, and I’m pleased to assist raise awareness for USA Boxing and teach these young, amazing boxers as they compete for gold. Anyone who works hard enough to be chosen to represent Team USA at the Olympics deserves a platform, so I’m looking forward to getting down to business with Coach [Billy] Walsh and the rest of Team USA in Colorado Springs.”

Paul also runs a non-profit called Boxing Bullies, which has sponsored programs for young boxers about the causes and effects of bullying and has refurbished boxing facilities in Puerto Rico, New York, Florida, and Arizona. Boxing Bullies and the WBO collaborated again in April to rebuild child boxing facilities around the United States.

“Jake’s dedication to helping young boxing prospects with their brand-building acumen, global audience, and championship mindset make him the perfect choice for this role and he will serve as an invaluable asset to amplify USA Boxing as we approach the 2024 Summer Olympics,” said Nakisa Bidarian, co-founder and CEO of “MVP is proud to support Jake and the champions of tomorrow alongside Team USA, and we could not be more excited for Jake to meet and work with the team throughout their training camp in Colorado Springs through the end of the medal rounds this summer in Paris.”

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