Jessica Alba began treatment with her 15-year-old daughter Honor due to Frequent Fighting

Jessica Alba and Daughter Honor Warren

Jessica Alba confessed that she had therapy sessions with her daughter Honor since they were bickering too much.

The 42-year-old “Honey” actress spoke out about hitting her breaking point when her eldest kid, who is now 15, was “probably 11.”

“We were constantly arguing over trivial issues…” I said, ‘I don’t want to live like this. “I didn’t want us to have a wedge between us,” she told Real Simple in an interview released on Tuesday.

“It’s a process, and I’m not perfect,” Alba continued, saying that the process helped Honor understand that her mother “was just being a parent.”

“As her mother, when I say anything, she will see it as an argument or as me attempting to control her. “I wanted someone to explain things in a way that I couldn’t,” the “Fantastic Four” star stated.

“What I said to Honor was, ‘I want to be a better parent to you, and this is your forum to basically talk about everything that gets on your nerves that I do.'”

Alba, who also has daughter Haven, 12, and son Hayes, 6, with husband Cash Warren, claimed her second daughter attended part of the sessions.

“[Therapy] kept me in check. Like, ‘Yeah, I definitely do that. And I apologize. “I’m going to work on it,” the Honest Company founder remarked.

“It also gave her [Honor] a sense of perspective: I’m not the bad guy; I’m just a parent.” She’ll emerge out the other side, and I’ll still be here. I just wanted to reach that moment, and it worked.”

Alba, who characterized therapy as “such a valuable tool,” previously stated that she and her girls have progressed to individual sessions.

“We aren’t doing it together anymore. “They are doing it on their own,” she told People last year.

“They’re older now,” she explained.

The “Dark Angel” star initially opened up about her family’s therapy experience in 2019.

“Some people think, like in my family, you talk to a priest and that’s it,” she remarked during Her Campus Media’s Her Conference.

“I didn’t grow up in an environment where you talked about this stuff, and it was just like shut it down and keep it moving, so I find a lot of inspiration just in talking to my kids.”

The “L.A.’s Finest” star met Warren, 44, while filming “The Fantastic Four” in 2004.

They got engaged in 2007 and married suddenly in a Beverly Hills courtroom the following year.

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