Joseph Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 26-Year-Old Son, Is A Carbon Copy Of His Bodybuilding Father

Joseph Baena

When he isn’t on a film or TV set, Joseph Baena may be found at the gym, just as his father did when he immigrated to the United States from Austria.

In another Instagram photo, the youngest of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s five children, in keeping with his recent practice, highlighted the fruits of his labor by striking a few classic bodybuilding positions.

The Los Angeles native, 26, appeared to have just finished another grueling exercise in order to give himself the best muscle pump, as he flexed his physique while sucking in his stomach.

Baena posed virtually face forward in another classic bodybuilding posture, flexing his right bicep and wrapping his other arm around his head.

The actor posed straight before the camera with his stomach tucked in and his arms flexed and resting on each side of his waistline to round off his new photos.

‘Another day at the office,’ Baena said in the post, referring to his training at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, which his father helped make famous during his championship run as a bodybuilder.

Baena went down to tiny black shorts, similar to what bodybuilders wear during contests, to show off his lean physique.

When he competed, Schwarzenegger, now 76, honed several of his renowned bodybuilding techniques on Muscle Beach in the Santa Monica and Venice Beach areas.

In his adolescence, the Terminator actor began weight training, and within five years, he had won the Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965 and the Mr. Universe event as an amateur the following year.

Decades after retiring from professional bodybuilding, Schwarzenegger is still regarded as one of the sport’s most influential characters.

Much of that was due to his five Mr. Universe titles and seven Mr. Olympia titles, which remained as a world record until Lee Haney overtook him with his eighth triumph in 1991.

When images of the father-son combination standing at around the same age are placed side by side, it’s plain to notice how much they resemble one other.

Despite his 76th birthday in July, the former California governor insists on working out with weights practically every day for 30 minutes.

Baena had been experimenting with many job paths after graduating from Pepperdine University in 2019, including real estate agent, fitness model, and DJ.

Acting and bodybuilding appear to be two of his two loves that he puts into his daily life, similar to his father.

Currently, the ambitious actor has four projects in the works, including roles in Gunner, starring Luke Hemsworth, and Athena Saves Christmas, starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

Baena was born in October 1997 as the consequence of Schwarzenegger’s extramarital affair with his family’s former domestic Mildred Patricia ‘Patty’ Baena.

The then-top Hollywood celebrity was married to Maria Shriver at the time, whom he eventually divorced when their secret romance became known.

The former couple had been married for 25 years when they decided to call it quits, with Shriver leaving their Brentwood residence in May 2011.

Patrick, 30, and Christopher, 26, are the previous couple’s sons, while Christina, 32, and Katherine, 33, are their daughters.

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