Kailyn Lowry has expressed her desire to get Ozempic Shots

Kailyn Lowry claimed that she plans to have Ozempic shots

Kailyn Lowry claimed that she plans to have Ozempic shots and a mommy makeover after welcoming her twins, making her a parent of seven.

“I’m terrified. “I’m ready for 2024 because I need Ozempic shots or something,” she said on a pre-recorded episode of her “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast Tuesday, describing how difficult it is to shed weight as an adult.

Vee Rivera, Lowry’s co-host, then inquired if the former MTV star would receive another “mommy makeover.”

“It was the best decision I’d ever made.” “Not waiting until I was done having kids was the worst decision I ever made,” she said.

Lowry, who had a body makeover in 2016, claimed she “maintained the f-k” out of her post-surgery figure at the time. She did, however, become pregnant and gave birth to her son Lux in August 2017.

“I worked out at the gym five days a week.” “If you’re going to have plastic surgery, you have to keep it up,” she added, adding that the procedure is simply a “jump start” to a life transformation.

Though Lowry wants to go under the knife again, she is unsure if the procedure will have the same effects a second time.

She told listeners that a person’s BMI (body mass index) must be “below 31” since the issues arise when you’re “overweight.”

“Before my mommy makeover, I had to go get a bunch of tests and then a doctor had to approve that I was like, in healthy condition in order to get [it] — because it’s going to be like, a lot of blood loss, a lot of stitches and healing,” said the wife of a five-year-old.

“I nearly required a blood transfusion during my surgery, and I’ve been anemic ever since.” I mean, I haven’t been anemic since 2016.”

Despite the risks of surgery, Lowry stated that she intends to have a breast reduction “no matter what.”

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