Kourtney Kardashian’s Hospital Bag Includes a Placenta Encapsulation Equipment

Kourtney Kardashian ready for hospital stays with her hospital bags

Kourtney Kardashian, demonstrated her thorough preparedness for her hospital stay with the birth of her kid Rocky Thirteen, collecting a variety of items into three separate hospital bags.

During her conversation with Poosh, Kourtney described her meticulous approach, leaning on advise from parent friends to ensure all areas were covered.

“I asked some of my best friends who are moms what they packed,” she said, emphasizing the significance of community support in preparing for such a big occasion.

Kourtney chose identical Skims pajamas for herself and her husband Travis Barker, taking into account postpartum necessities.

“Button-up shirts for easy breastfeeding access,” she went on to say. Her toiletries bag had basics for comfort and care, such as stretch mark treatment, nipple and lip balm, belly oil, and nipple butter.

Arnica montana was a vital ingredient, as indicated by her dietician, Leona West. “Leona recommends taking arnica montana right away after delivery as it can help speed up healing and ease discomfort,” Kourtney said in a statement.

She also packed two nursing bras and disposable black underpants, explaining, “The hospital supplies white mesh ones, but I like black. Anything to feel your best after childbirth is worthwhile—without compromising comfort.”

A peri bottle, warm and compression socks, and high-waisted postpartum undergarments were provided as a matter of priority.

“I’ve never tried them, but heard these are amazing after birth to help get your organs back into place,” she said.

The package also included sneakers, slippers, a wardrobe for her trip home, and a specifically designed Surya Spa Mama Baby Oil, which Kourtney described as “I’m obsessed with this.”

Nutritional supplements and healing aids were not ignored. She brought Milkmaid tea for probable milk production and colostrum, as Leona recommended.

“Leona suggests taking colostrum for around three months after giving birth, as it can be very nourishing,” she went on to say.

Collagen for recuperation and hair health, as well as cold packs for postpartum healing, were also provided.

Kourtney prepared presents for the baby, including a lovey blanket and a clothing painstakingly picked by Penelope. “P picked this out and bought it for the baby as a surprise for me, the sweetest,” she went on to say.

She also brought necessities like clean wipes, diapers, socks, and rubber pacifiers.

The Poosh creator pre-installed a car seat and packaged caps with matching swaddles, meticulously eliminating tags for the baby’s comfort. “I’m a little crazy and cut each tag out of every outfit for baby’s comfort,” she went on to say.

Kourtney’s random bag had a variety of cameras, a nursing pillow, a silk pillowcase, a comfortable throw blanket, and a cord blood kit. The kit is essential for obtaining the baby’s umbilical cord blood, which is high in stem cells.

“Umbilical cord blood contains tons of stem cells,” she said, recognizing the potential long-term health advantages.

Finally, her preparation included a placenta encapsulation kit, which reflected her interest in holistic healing approaches.

“The placenta is full of nutrients, and ingesting it is thought to help with healing after giving birth,” Kourtney stated of the kit’s function.

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