Madonna Says That a Bacterial Infection Put Her into an Induced Coma

Madonna experienced a medically induced coma

Madonna is contemplating her recent health crisis.

Six months after being hospitalized for a dangerous bacterial illness, Madonna revealed fresh details about the terrible episode, which included a 48-hour medically induced coma.

“There are some very important people in the room tonight who were with me at the hospital,” Madonna said at her Celebration Tour stop in Brooklyn on December 16. “There’s one very important woman who dragged me to the hospital.”

“I don’t even remember,” she went on. “I passed out on my bathroom floor and woke up in the ICU.”

The Grammy winner thanked her pal Shavawn and said, “She saved my life.”

Madonna’s longtime manager Guy Oseary acknowledged her hospitalization in June, and she said that her Kabbalah instructor was among those who stayed by her side. “The only voice I heard was his,” she acknowledged. “I heard him say, ‘Squeeze my hand.'”

The 65-year-old, who postponed her Celebration Tour by a few months due to her health concern, also discussed her first moments after waking up from a coma.

“There were a couple of things I thought about when I first became conscious and saw my six incredible children sitting around me,” Madonna, who has daughters Lourdes, 27, and Mercy, 17, as well as twins Estere and Stella, 11, and sons Rocco, 23, and David, 18, noted before joking, “By the way, I had to almost die to get all my kids in one room.”

“And then I was thinking,” she added. “‘What if I abandon my children?'” It would break my heart to abandon my children at this point in their lives. I wasn’t thinking about myself. I was thinking about them, and about my mother, and how terrified she must have been to know she was leaving us all behind.”

Madonna found strength in her family throughout her recuperation after several days in the hospital.

“Love from family and friends is the best Medicine,” she said in an Instagram post on July 30, with photos of herself with Lourdes and David. “One month out of the hospital and I can reflect.”

The “Vogue” singer also expressed her gratitude to her children during her difficult moment.

“As a Mother, you can really get caught up in the needs of your children and the seemingly endless giving,” she added in the touching tribute. “However, when the chips were down, my children really came through for me.” I saw a side to them that I hadn’t seen before. It was the deciding factor.”

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