Martin Henderson Expresses Gratitude for Being Alive Following a “Scary” and “Serious” Health Issue

Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson, the star of Virgin River, disclosed in October that he was dealing with a “serious” and “scary” health problem.

During an Instagram Q&A with his co-star Alexandra Breckenridge, the New Zealand actor apologized to fans for postponing a live autograph signing session scheduled for Streamily in October, stating that he was forced to postpone the event due to a health issue.

The stars agreed to hold the event when production for Season 6 began. “Around the time that we start the show we’ll do the Streamily,” he stated. “I apologize, people, it was my fault we couldn’t do it back in October, I had a little health issue.”

Alexandra said, “It was not your fault.”

Martin corrected himself and said, “It was not my fault.” It was because of unforeseeable situations outside my control that were significant and required attention.”

Alexandra expressed her relief, saying, “I’m so happy that everything is [holds thumbs up].”

“Me too!” Martin said. What a crazy couple of months. Yeah, it was terrifying, and I’m just grateful that I have very, really amazing physicians and surgeons, and that everything went well for the time being. It’s fantastic to be alive.”

“I’ll ask you more about that another time,” Alexandra said, to which Martin replied, “I’ll probably talk about it more at some point, I’m sort of processing the whole thing myself.”

Fans expressed their support for the Jack Sheridan star in the comments section, with one person writing: “Sorry you had such a health scare Martin and around your birthday too!” “You look fine and hearty now,” one person said, while another added, “Great to see you looking so good Martin!” Look for yourself! You are valuable cargo!”

Alexandra apologized to supporters in October for postponing the Streamily event, which she said was due to “very unforeseen circumstances” at the time.

“So, Streamily live, October 14,” the actress said to her Instagram fans. Unfortunately, we must postpone the date owing to unforeseen circumstances, for which we apologize deeply.

“It wasn’t something Martin or I wanted to cancel.” It’s just that we’re unable to make it work at this moment. We’re hoping to start at the end of November or early December. We’re both really sad about this, and we’re both very regretful.”

The Streamily autograph signing will now take place next year, after production on season six begins in Vancouver, Alexandra and Martin announced in their recent Q&A.

“We will be going back to start season 6 sometime in the New Year,” Martin added. “Probably February or something like that” .

“There will be more,” he says of the show’s future beyond the forthcoming season. “How many more there will be remains to be seen.”

While a seventh season has yet to be announced by Netflix, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith says he has no intentions to slow down. “There are no plans to conclude anything,” he told Deadline. “I think, as long as these characters are living, there are always going to be stories to tell, and that’s an incredible opportunity for any showrunner.”

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