Massive WWE Pro Wrestler Omos Reveals His Workout That Is Even More Extensive Than Life

Jordan "Omos" Omogbehin Leg Day

The 7’3″ star, Omos, displays his leg day regimen, which he employs to dominate the ring.

To say that WWE Superstar Omos is a large man would be an understatement. He’s now the tallest wrestler on the promotion’s roster, but he’s not the lumbering monster you’d expect to see in the ring. At 7’3”, the “Nigerian Giant” would be tied for the second-tallest player in the NBA if he had completed his basketball career (unsurprisingly, Omos played collegiate basketball), and considering his fitness level, he appears to have no trouble racing down the floor. He is neither string bean slim nor a ponderous behemoth. Omos is strong and athletic, due in part to a rigorous strength-training routine.

Omos said that he started working out at 14 years old, focusing on speed and agility training for basketball. He still incorporates some of those ideas into his routines, but he has added more exercises that increase strength, which is required to fling other wrestlers about the ring.

“In basketball, I always had to cut weight,” Omos recalls. “And for what I do know, I also have to look jacked and look good for what I need to do in the ring.” He maintained his weight low for basketball, playing at around 315 pounds. Now, Omos weighs more than 400 pounds. The main aim is to appear nice in the ring.

While he exercises his entire body with specialized sessions throughout the week, Omos showed the MH team one of his lower body workouts at WWE’s headquarters. Along the way, he discussed some of the unique obstacles of training “as a giant,” which includes more targeted mobility work and replacing barbell workouts with machines. He’s focused in developing his thighs to look his best in the ring.


Couch Stretch

30 seconds to 1 minute per leg

Ankle and Hamstring Stretch

5 times per side

Hip Airplane

10 reps per side

Strength Training

Belt Squat

3 to 4 sets with ascending reps (6 to 8, 8 to 10, 10 to 15 reps)

Machine RDL

3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps

Hamstring Curls

3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps

Shoulder Press

3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps

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