Michelle Keegan Shows Off her Toned Abs During a Solitary Training Session

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan showed off her toned abs during a solo training session on Sunday.

The 36-year-old actress, Michelle Keegan, was working up a sweat at the posh gym when she posed for a mirror picture in her workout gear.

She finished the ensemble with a strappy black sports bra that showed off her cleavage and matching high-waisted leggings.

Michelle stood with her palm in the air, her black hair tied up and makeup free.

‘Sunday alone session complete!’ she said in the caption before heading to the pool to rest.

She flashed off some leg as she sat on a sun lounger in her towel and soaked in the gorgeous surroundings while captioning the snap: ‘The pay off’.

Michelle also shared some of her weekend activities on her Story, including a girls night out.

She posed with her adorable sausage dog while wearing festive silver slacks and a black shirt.

It comes shortly before the debut of her new Netflix film Fool Me Once.

She will co-star in the film with actress Joanna Lumley, which is based on author Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name.

Michelle, who plays bereaved widow Maya Stern, remarked that the 77-year-old Finding Alice actress made her ‘feel extremely comfortable’ on set.

She claimed that Joanna, who portrays Judith Burkett, Maya’s dead husband’s mother, urged her to be’more aggressive’ in scenes.

Despite this, Michelle stated that she was unable to’swear in Joanna’s face’ during rehearsals.

‘They were so much fun,’ she remarked. It’s not every day you tell Joanna Lumley to “F-off!” That was really nerve-racking.

‘From the start, she made me feel at ease. She’s a living legend. I grew up watching Ab Fab with my cousin, so I was a major fan.

‘Our characters do compete in our scenarios. She is fantastic in that feisty part, and it made me want to be more feisty. I had to match that energy.

‘But I wouldn’t swear during rehearsals. I’d just say “The F word.” I’d swear during a take, but not in front of her during rehearsals. ‘I couldn’t do it.’

Last week, the highly anticipated thriller Fool Me Once released its first teaser film, which showed Michelle as the troubled widow Maya.

The teaser depicts the couple’s pleasant start on their wedding day and family life until Maya’s world is shattered.

Maya installs a nanny-cam to keep a watch on her little kid as the tale progresses, and she is surprised to find a guy she recognizes in her house, her husband, whom she believed was dead.

While dealing with his own secrets, Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce (Adeel Akhtar) oversees the homicide investigation into Joe’s death.

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