Miley Cyrus Engages In Running, Pilates, and Ashtanga Yoga As Part Of Her Workout Routine

Miley Cyrus and her workout routine

Miley Cyrus looked stronger than ever on the red carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards, wearing a sheer, gold-netted dress that highlighted her toned arms, stomach, and legs. Not only did she look stunning in her gown, but she also delivered an outstanding rendition of “Flowers,” which earned her Record of the Year honors!

Miley celebrated the professional milestone by gently proclaiming, “I just won my first Grammy!” during her performance of the iconic song, which was a completely unexpected occurrence.

And if Sunday night’s jaw-dropping look and show-stopping performance demonstrate anything, it’s that the “Used To Be Young” singer is still a master of upsetting the status quo. Miley Cyrus is okay with moving outside of her comfort zone in everything, including her workout routine, and judging by her Instagram page (and those toned arms and abs), staying active is an important part of her life.

Miley’s preferred type of exercise is Ashtanga, an athletic version of yoga. Miley taught Jimmy Fallon Ashtanga during her 2016 Tonight Show interview. She told the talk show presenter that she had been practicing for several years and that achieving Ashtanga positions required much preparation. Miley has continued to train hard—and show off her skills—since then, as evidenced by her Instagram page, which frequently features photographs of herself performing difficult asanas (yoga language for positions).

All of Miley’s flexibility training comes in handy, though, because another of her favorite ways to work out is Pilates, which is known for its ability to significantly strengthen and sculpt your core. When she’s preparing for a performance, she works on her cardio endurance by running on the treadmill.

Miley Cyrus and her lifestyle is far from sedentary. She has two mini horses, seven dogs, three cats, and one pig, according to Vanity Fair. No doubt, caring for all those animals keeps her physically active in between scheduled sessions.

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