Mrs Hinch and her son Ronnie, who is three years old, have both been diagnosed with autism

Mrs Hinch and her son diagnosed with autism

Mrs Hinch admitted that she and her eldest son Ronnie have autism.

The influencer, 33, whose true name is Sophie Hinchliffe, announced her diagnosis on Instagram on Wednesday.

She stated that her four-year-old son Ronnie also has autism and that they were taking time to ‘process’ as a family before publicly revealing the news.

Mrs Hinch, who has another son, Lennie, two, with her husband Jamie Hinchliffe, said everything ‘now made sense’ after her diagnosis.

Mrs Hinch captioned a photo of herself embracing Ronnie: ‘Autism. This is a question I get asked on a daily basis. Mrs Hinch, is Ronnie autistic? Yes, our darling Ronnie is autistic. In fact, I am.

‘Ron and I have both received confirmation for quite some time. We chose as a family to take our time processing, learning, growing, and finding our path together before we shared.

‘So that’s precisely what we did and continue to do every day. We have bad days, but we also have a lot of good days. And if everyone recognized and understood autism, the world would be a lot better place.

‘Ronnie, thank you for being ours, for being so lovely and just fantastic. After 33 years, everything finally made sense to me because of you.

‘You are my life’s motivation. I adore you, Ron… Mummy is right here with you, in this together, forever xxx.’

Her famous friends and followers went to the comments section to hail her a ‘inspiration’ for going public with her news.

Her husband Jamie said, ‘So immensely pleased,’ while her close friend Stacey Solomon replied, ‘Love you both.’

Love Island’s Kady McDermott said, ‘Sending so much love xxx,’ and Georgia Kousoulou wrote, ‘Aww we adore you.’

Jake Quickenden and Frankie Sims also posted love hearts below the photo to show their support for the celebrity.

Mrs Hinch expressed her gratitude for the compliments, writing: ‘Oh my I’m not even sure what to say here, blown away absolutely no words xxxx.’

It comes after Christine McGuinness stated that she was diagnosed with autism as an adult at the age of 31, which she described as a “instant relief.”

Christine and her ex-husband Paddy McGuinness have three autistic children: twins Leo and Penelope, aged nine, and Felicity, aged six.

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