One of the Most Expensive Wines in the World Is Now Being Sold at Costco

wine at costco

Costco warehouse warehouses are well-known for their exceptional discounts, which include $1.50 hot dogs and $5 rotisserie chickens. According to the most recent Costco estimates, more than 129 million members travel to the 871 sites worldwide to stock up on everything from appliances to industrial-sized bundles of paper products, fresh and frozen food aplenty, and cheap wine and spirits. Costco does, however, occasionally have a truly exceptional price on a big-ticket item. And this week, it’s in the wine section.

One of the most recent unexpected discovery found its way to the subreddit r/Costco_alcohol after Redditor dynamyte43 shared a photo taken in the Newark, California Costco with the description, “Had to make sure I was seeing correctly.”

The $3,699.99 price tag next to the bottle of Screaming Eagle Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was what they were talking to. While it may sound like multiple rent or mortgage payments to most of us (and the same money could get you 2,466 hot dogs at the food court or 739 rotisserie chickens to divide with families throughout town), it’s really a “bargain price,” and a “screaming deal,” Reddit commentators verified.

Screaming Eagle has developed a cult following for its limited production of highly rated Cabernet Sauvignons. The following is so enormous that bottles can only be purchased on Screaming Eagle’s website after signing up on a waitlist. The brand says it “cannot give you a firm timeframe” for how lengthy the wait list is, but customers say they were in purchasing purgatory on that list for almost a decade before being permitted to shop. Even if you get to the head of the line, the Oakville, California-based vineyard only distributes to specified areas, so getting a bottle today at Costco sounds like a very good value.

According to Wine Searcher, the average price of a 2018 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon is around $4,720. According to SFGate, bottles are still available at Costco locations in Newark, Redwood City, Foster City, Santa Clara, Danville, Novato, and San Jose, California.

If you want something more affordable, each of our 41 Cabernet Sauvignons worth spending on may be had for less than $150. Even better, all nine of these outstanding Cabernet Sauvignons are around $20.

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