Paul Mitchell’s only son, Angus, was discovered deceased at the age of 53

Angus Mitchell, son of paul mitchell

Angus Mitchell, the sole son of Paul Mitchell, the famed hairdresser and co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), died suddenly at the age of 53.

According to TMZ, he was discovered in the pool of his Honolulu, Hawaii home early Wednesday morning. Despite his attempts, he was declared dead at the site. The reason of death has not been made public.

Angus shared highlights from his life on Instagram the day before his death, sharing footage of a music-filled evening with friends at his house. These postings are now a somber memento of his last hours.

After Paul Mitchell died of pancreatic cancer in 1989, he inherited his father’s interest in JPMS.

Angus not only continued his father’s tradition, but also blazed his own trail in the hairstyling profession. He perfected his art via formal hairstyling instruction, gaining inspiration and expertise from his father’s extraordinary career.

After years of working in Hawaii, Angus Mitchell earned his name in the business by founding the Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills in 2010.

His work to JPMS went beyond commercial management; he was also known in the hairstyling industry as a great model and lecturer.

Angus’ personal life included three marriages, the most recent of which was with his wife, Mara.

Angus’ most recent Instagram photo was a New Year’s Eve family party, which is now tragic in retrospect. Since then, the post has become a forum for poignant condolences, with many people expressing their loss and disbelief.

“Heartbroken,” one commenter said. Such a wonderful, lovely, amusing, and giving man and family. “I’m speechless.” “Rest In Peace, Angus,” said another. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.” Angus is survived by his wife, Mara, and Dylan, his son from his second marriage to Sian.

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