Pro Bowl Games skill competitions now include tug-of-war

Pro bowl games will include tug-of-war

The Pro Bowl Games skill contests will return in 2024, with a new event that is sure to pique the interest of offensive and defensive linemen: tug-of-war.

The redesigned Pro Bowl Games will be held for the second year in a row in Orlando, Florida, on February 1 and February 4. The Sunday afternoon flag football games remain the highlight of the weekend, but the NFL has announced a slate of associated skills competitions that will take place over two days.

The tug-of-war tournament aims to highlight linemen who may not be as active in the flag football portion of the game. In a best-of-three match, teams of five players from the AFC and NFC will be positioned over a foam pit. As with previous skills challenges, the winning team earns points toward the overall Pro Bowl Games title, which is calculated at the end of all events.

Many classic events will be included in the ten skills contests, including precision passing, dodgeball, the kick-tac-toe kicking competition, and the gridiron gauntlet relay.

For the skills contests, the NFL has hired A. Smith & Co. Productions. “American Ninja Warrior” and “The Titan Games,” both of which include physical events, have been produced by the business.

Tackle football was dropped from the Pro Bowl starting last season, as the NFL attempted to rekindle player enthusiasm and create a more competitive atmosphere surrounding the game. Injury worries were causing participants to withdraw from the game or, for those who did participate, to avoid accidents.

The reinvented tournament was deemed a success by the league, and the format will be used in the future.

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