Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis’ Daughter, Talks About Her and Daughter Lou’s Health

Rumer Willis and newborn daughter Lou

Rumer Willis is embracing motherhood in the greatest manner imaginable, not only spending time with her newborn baby daughter, Lou, but also sharing her ups and downs along the road.

The 35-year-old actress, the eldest of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s children, gave birth to her first child, Louetta Isley Thomas, in April 2023, with partner Derek Richard Thomas.

On Instagram, the celebrity posted an update on her home life with her newborn child, admitting that both mother and daughter had previously fought infections at the start of the year.

“This year has already been a bit of a doozy health wise, Lou and I have struggled through two viruses just in this month and what I realize the universe was telling me was to slow down and focus on nourishing my immune system and my body,” she said in a blog post.

She went on to say that she relied on specific wellness companies and products with which she had collaborated, which not only helped them maintain good health, but also allowed her to focus their well-being.

“Remembering to do that is not always easy so finding ways that I can squeak it in with even the smallest amount of time is what I look for,” Rumer went on to say.

“Another significant concern as a new parent is that my adrenals may get drained quickly from nursing and running around chasing after Lou all day, and I’ve always had high anxiety and stress. So I recently began taking [the brand’s] adrenal tonic to help me stay fed.”

She discussed some of her favorite goods and even chastised her family for getting involved. “And the only reason the vitamin c and glutathione are not in the video is because my family hijacked my stash over the holidays, both of which I take everyday.”

Rumer then invited her followers to join her, finishing with: “I challenge you to join me in taking the next 90 days to commit to your health and nourishing yourself this year.”

“Last year was incredibly dynamic; I grew a human being, gave birth at home (with no drugs) surrounded by my family,” she said, adding that she was also growing in her relationship with Derek, going for 6 a.m. ocean swims four times a week, becoming more comfortable in her own skin, and celebrating seven years sober.

She revealed that she “wrote [lullabies] with my daughter’s father, shared moments of wonder at the tiny being who chose us, spent precious love-filled moments with my Daddio, learned from my mama, celebrated my first Mother’s Day, discovered strength in myself I didn’t know existed, and watched my daughter grow in front of my eyes.”

Journey of self discovery

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