Ryan Gosling’s Surprisingly Delicious Recipe

Ryan Gosling Pie

You don’t have to have watched Barbie to know that Ryan Gosling is a hilarity both on and off the screen. The multi-award winning actor has spent years enthralling audiences of all ages on the big screen, and his performance in Barbie with Margot Robbie was just another proof of his talent and great versatility as an actor.

It’s now simpler than ever to discover everything there is to know about your favorite celebs. However, according to a recent interview with W Magazine in which Gosling and Robbie sat down, there may be some unexpected things to discover about the team, such as Gosling’s extra secret cooking expertise.

Throughout the conversation, Gosling quips about how he frequently overshares during these sorts of sit downs, while also disclosing which movies make him weep (The Elephant Man) and how much he despises admitting to people that he is a Scorpio.

The interview concludes with a question to which both Gosling and Robbie choose to keep their responses private (where precisely were each of their first kisses), although Gosling did reveal a somewhat shocking secret ability of his own.

“I make a mean pie,” Gosling reveals, to which Robbie exclaims in surprise, “What?!”

When asked what flavor of pie he favors, Gosling responds, “I go with raspberry.” “My mom used to bake as a side hustle growing up,” the Golden Globe winner says, “so I’m just lucky enough to get the pie gene.”

The reporter then tests Ryan Gosling by asking if he makes a nice pie crust, to which the La La Land star replies, “Yeah, and I flute my crust too, so don’t let anyone tell you that I don’t.”

Some may be surprised to discover about Gosling’s secret abilities, but it’s only another layer to peel back while digesting his extraordinary talent. Given Gosling’s track record, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the guy who helped brought millions of viewers to tears in The Notebook can also tug at your wholesome heartstrings with a freshly baked homemade pie.

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