Senada Greca, a celebrity fitness trainer, shares an at-home workout

Senada Greca, a celebrity fitness trainer, shares an at-home workout

Model Senada Greca understands that the holiday season is all about striking a balance between indulging in Christmas goodies and getting in shape for the new year with a workout.

That’s why, in addition to her delectable New York-style cheesecake recipe, she included a workout that fans can perform from the comfort of their own homes!

As she took her fans through a full-body exercise, the Zentoa creator wore a white tank top, colorful shorts, and foot warmers. The first workout consisted of three rounds of 12 crunches followed by a chest press. To keep the festive motif going, she utilized green dumbbells.

The next exercise was a squat followed by a front rise to reverse fly. She completed three sets of 12 reps for this exercise as her dog sat alongside her in a festive red jacket. The third exercise was a backward lunge with a curl to press, done on each side alternately. She also completed three sets of 12 repetitions for this exercise.

She executed Romanian Deadlifts to a squat clean for the fourth workout. This was done for three sets of 12 repetitions. The final workout consisted of three sets of 12 push-up to plank jacks. The final exercise was three sets of 12 bear stance rows.

In this video, she set the soundtrack to Sia’s “Candy Cane Lane.” “A little light and lighthearted Full Body Workout – get a bit of movement in this holiday season with this little sweat session,” she said in the description. Have a wonderful holiday season, lovely beings.”

Many of her followers enjoyed her workout, but they were much more interested in her pet dog! “I adore the outfits!” Your spouse, on the other hand, needs to step up. “Too much resting for that one,” remarked one enthusiast. “I’m not sure which is cuter, the ankle socks or the dog,” another fan concurred. “Amazing exercises, but that dog is too adorable,” remarked a third viewer.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” remarked another fan. “Not him holding your legs down while you do sit-ups,” said another fan. “Everything about this is adorable!” Merry Christmas to you and your adorable gym partner. “Much love from Canada!” remarked another follower.

Although she just developed a new WeRise app to replace her Crush It app, she also posts lots of free exercises on her Instagram feed. She grabbed a pair of plates to “bring out that warrior spirit” and completed 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions of seven various exercises that she modeled throughout her carousel in one recent session.

“Superhero Full Body Workout – an amazing workout regardless of the weights used.” You are allowed to substitute kettlebells or dumbbells. “Save and share with your besties,” she added in the description. Many followers expressed their desire to do the workout for themselves, but were scared that their knees might “explode.”

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