Shirtless Alex Rodriguez shows off his ripped physique after losing 32 pounds

Alex Rodriguez with girlfriend Jac Cordeiro

Alex Rodriguez flaunted his freshly shredded figure, which is thanks in part to his fitness adventure with girlfriend Jac Cordeiro.

Standing next to the personal trainer, the Yankees icon posed naked, displaying his sculpted abs.

Cordeiro stood next to him, displaying her own tight body in a sports bra and small cycle shorts.

In September, Alex Rodriguez, 48, stated that he shed more than 30 pounds by modifying his diet and working out with his girlfriend, who also trains his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

“[Jac is] the only one who can come into co-parenting and make us both better. Cynthia has gotten in amazing condition as a result of the JacFit program, and I’ve lost 32 pounds,” Rodriguez told Us Weekly at the time.

Rodriguez, who has children Natasha and Ella with Scurtis, claims Cordeiro is “caring” with her customers since she used to be a nurse.

“She’s used to taking care of people that are sick,” he added.

“What I like about what she’s done with JacFit and how many people she’s affected is the reaction I see from others to her. It’s truly mind-blowing.

The former MLB player commended Cordeiro, 44, for helping individuals, including himself, get into “tremendous shape.”

Rodriguez and Cordeiro initially became romantically involved in October 2022, when they were caught holding hands during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, California.

A source close to the couple told Page Six at the time that the sports broadcaster was “enjoying spending time” with the fitness instructor, who has her own two children.

Rodriguez and Scurtis married in 2002, but she filed for divorce six years later, alleging “emotional abandonment” of their children and adultery as causes for the marriage’s dissolution.

The former couple effectively co-parents their girls and frequently reunites for their children’s milestones.

Rodriguez later became engaged to Jennifer Lopez, but the couple broke in 2021 after claims he cheated on her with reality personality Madison LeCroy.

The 54-year-old “Waiting for Tonight” singer married her on-again fiancé, Ben Affleck, in July 2022.

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