The Best Comfortable and Supportive Sports Bras for Big Boobs, According to an Expert

sports bras

Consider your hunt for the ideal sports bra done, since we’ve identified the most supportive and comfortable options for each form of workout you like.

Shopping for an everyday bra might be difficult if you have large boobs, and it’s much more difficult if you’re shopping for a sports bra. Take it from someone who has been busted. I used to put racerback sports bras over my underwire ones in high school to get the support I needed. Nowadays, I just avoid certain activities, such as those that entail leaping or sprinting. However, if you know what to look for, you may discover that diamond in the rough, which is why I called out to bra-fitting expert Jené Luciani Sena for all of her juicy secrets on how to locate the finest sports bras for big boobs that are supportive and comfy.

First and foremost, according to Sena, there are two basic sorts of sports bra styles: compression and encapsulation. Here’s a basic rundown of both genres from her:

Compression – “This is the most common style that women think of.” It is one piece, pulls over your head, or zips up the front. The notion is that it “compresses” your breasts together and against your chest, preventing them from moving.”

Encapsulation – “This style of sports bra is similar to a regular bra in that it has somewhat separated cups and often a band with a clasp in the back.” It “encapsulates” each breasts independently yet helps hold them tight to your chest so they don’t slide. They can feature an underwire for further support.”

So, which type should you choose if you have huge breasts? “In the case of sports bras for large breasts,” Sena advises, “encapsulation is generally preferred as the compression style can still have movement when the fabric offers too much stretch.” But it doesn’t imply you should avoid compression bras entirely; instead, think about the activity you’re doing. Compression sports bras, for example, are probably appropriate if you’re doing low-impact activities like yoga or barre. Cycling, jogging, and HIIT will all demand additional support, so encapsulation sports bras are the way to go.

As far as features are concerned, you should seek out “wider and adjustable straps, a wider [adjustable] band, more compression in the fabric (ie higher spandex content), and a racerback is a good feature because it keeps the bra pulled tight and close to the body,” Sena goes on to explain. If you need more support, some sports bras even contain underwire.

Overall, you’ll want to make sure that any bra you purchase fits well. “This means snug enough to hold breasts in place without being too tight and constrictive,” Sena says, and that the straps don’t bite into your shoulders. The bounce test is a failsafe technique to confirm that your sports bra will provide enough support, especially during high-impact exercises, according to Sena. “This simply entails jumping up and down in front of a mirror to see whether or not your breasts are moving or staying firm to your chest.”

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