The Iron Claw: Jeremy Allen White’s Method for Gaining Muscle

Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White, who stars opposite Zac Efron as real-life wrestler Kerry Von Erich in the upcoming film, reveals his ring preparation technique.

Jeremy Allen White gained quite a following online after he flaunted his toned body earlier this year, which he had sculpted for his role as real-life wrestler Kerry Von Erich in the A24 series The Iron Claw. But the actor had to change up his regular workout routine to get into fighting form.

This week, the actor from The Bear confessed to Jimmy Kimmel, “I didn’t know what I was doing.” For some reason, I felt the need to consume more than before. I proceeded to carry large objects since I was aware that doing so was necessary. Additionally, I was aware that you should avoid [cardio] if at all possible. These people weren’t extremely active, which is disappointing because running and jumping rope are two things that I enjoy doing on a daily basis and that make me feel good. To put it simply, it was like lifting.

His change was made all the more daunting, he noted, by the fact that he was appearing in the movie opposite Zac Efron, who went into possibly the most muscular shape of his career to play Kevin Von Erich.

“He looks really incredible it’s really something… I think he could beat anybody up,” White said jokingly. “I didn’t want to stand near him during the movie, which was a problem, because we play brothers, and we need to stand close to one another.”

White discovered that, in part because of the realistic set, it was physically demanding to execute his character’s ring actions, in addition to constructing his wrestler’s physique before production began.

“In the real professional wrestling, the plywood and the springs are right there, there’s very little cushion, there’s metal cable with very little cable,” according to him. I mean, we’re filming a movie; is this the best approach? We may need some additional padding… but they insisted on doing it this way, so I figured it was fine.

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