The new baked good at Costco for 2024 “tastes homemade,” and it’s already making people want to break their diets

Banana Nut Bread Costco

There is a new banana nut bread that has been added to the well-known bakery department at Costco, and customers are going absolutely crazy about it.

During the course of this month, the two-pound loaf of banana bread that is sprinkled with walnuts and costs just $6.99 found its way into warehouses all around the United States.

Costco Banana Nut Bread

This past weekend, the Costco influencer Laura Lamb, who is also the administrator of the Instagram page Costco Hot Finds, uploaded a video on the newly introduced food item.

She stated in the caption that the banana nut bread sold at the Costco Bakery is moist, does not have an excessively sweet flavor, and truly has the flavor of handmade bread.

It is important to note that this item is completely unique and should not be mistaken with the original banana pecan loaf.

As Lamb put it, “It is tender, it is not overly sweet, and it has a homemade flavor.”

On the social networking website Reddit, a user made a joke about how Costco frequently launches sweet products in the new year, just when people are making pledges to improve their diets.

They stated, “Right around the time that I decided to have a New Year’s resolution to reduce my weight.”

There have been reports of the Banana Nut Loaf being sold for a price of $6.99 in Costco warehouses, however the price may change according on the region.

Because the product could not be in all warehouses, it is important to verify to make sure that it is being stocked at the location where you are now located.

During the previous year, Costco participated in yet another retail fad by offering bars weighing one ounce for the price of $1,950. Because of the extremely high demand for them, once they were advertised on the internet, they would be gone in a matter of minutes.

And shortly after that, officials presented encouraging news that membership fees were not anticipated to increase in the near future due to the high number of people renewing their memberships and signing up for new memberships.

Since June 2017, the annual membership fee at Costco has ranged from $60 to $120, with $60 being the fee for Business and Gold Star memberships and $120 being the fee for Executive membership.

When the next increase occurs, which is “a question of when, not if,” the basic yearly membership will increase by $5 to $65; this is a prediction based on the results of previous hikes.

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