The Return of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Pink Velvet Macchiato Is Nearer Than You Might Expect

Dunkin Donuts Pink Velvet Macchiato

Even before you’ve had a chance to take down your holiday decorations, a cherished Dunkin’ Donuts favorite from Valentine’s Day past is making a reappearance. After a two-year absence, Dunkin’ Donuts’ delicious Pink Velvet Macchiato returns to menus on December 27.

The rosy-colored coffee is meant to taste like a slice of red velvet cake, with rich and luscious chocolate and a hint of cream cheese. The seasonal drink, which is available hot or iced, will be available on menus until the end of February.

“Responding to a flood of DMs, fan mail, petitions, and heartfelt pleas, Dunkin’ Donuts is thrilled to bring back the Pink Velvet Macchiato,” the business said in a recent statement.

Dunkin’ Donuts originally introduced this delicious drink for Valentine’s Day 2020, after the beverage research team spent many hours (and a lot of cupcakes) determining the precise attributes of this legendary dessert.

“Eating [red velvet] cake helped the team deconstruct the flavors and identify the different nuances — like the smooth, tanginess of the cream cheese frosting and sweetness of the cocoa,” a statement from the company said. “They then started putting the pieces of the flavor puzzle together.”

The pink coffee joins numerous other holiday-themed options, like the new White Hazelnut Bark coffee. The taste swirl promises to bring back memories of delectable seasonal delicacies as well as the fan-favorite Toasted White Chocolate Swirl. This delightful seasonal sip is rounded off with notes of white chocolate and toasty hazelnuts.

Starting on December 27, you may also get the Sweet Pepper Bacon Breakfast sandwich, Pancake Wake Up Wrap, and Frosty Red Velvet Donut. Dunkin’ Donuts is also releasing several new donuts toward the end of January to fulfill your sweet taste, including Brownie Batter, Cupid’s Choice, and other heart-shaped types.

If you’re still a fan of the chain’s winter menu promotions, every Wednesday through December 27 you can get a free doughnut with any drink purchase. What’s better? Members of Dunkin’ Donuts Rewards may also get a $2 iced coffee with any purchase in the new year.

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