The Stage 3 Breast Cancer Diagnosis of CNN Anchor Sara Sidner

The Stage 3 Breast Cancer Diagnosis of CNN Anchor Sara Sidner

CNN senior national correspondent Sara Sidner said that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. “It is hard to say out loud.”

The CNN senior national reporter felt upset during a recent program when she revealed that she has stage 3 breast cancer.

“I have never been sick a day in my life,” Sidner told CNN News Central on January 8. “I do not smoke.” I seldom drink. Breast cancer does not run in my family, but here I am with stage three breast cancer. “It is difficult to say out loud.”

Sidner went on to outline her future treatment plan, stating that she is already in her second month of chemotherapy and will have radiation and a double mastectomy.

“Stage three is not a death sentence anymore for the vast majority of women,” she went on to say, “but here is the reality that really shocked my system when I started to research more about breast cancer, something I never knew before this diagnosis: If you happen to be a Black woman, you are 41 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than your white counterparts.”

The 51-year-old also emphasized the importance of maintaining good health.

“To all my sisters, black and white and brown out there,” she concluded, “please, for the love of God, get your mammograms every year.” Take your self-exams. Try and catch it before I do.”

Though Sidner said she “could never have predicted” her health issue, she ended with a message of appreciation.

“I have thanked cancer for choosing me,” she said. “I’m discovering that no matter what misery we go through in life, I’m still madly in love with this existence. And simply being alive seems so different to me today.”

As Sidner indicated, she has discovered a silver lining. “I am happier because I don’t stress about foolish little things that used to annoy me,” she went on to say. “And now every single day that I breathe another breathe, I can celebrate that I am still here with you.”

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