This Week, Taco Bell is Introducing a New Item on Menus Around the Country

Taco Bell Menu

Taco Bell is having a fantastic month. Just last week, the Mexican-inspired fast food company secretly reinstated the Double Decker Taco on its menus in response to public demand—but just until December 20 (so act quickly!). It also debuted two new menu items: three variations of its first-ever Frozen Coffee and four varieties of Churro Chillers, a milkshake-like frozen mixture topped with churro crumbles. However, those things are not commonly available. They’re only available at a few Southern California restaurants for a limited period.

Being a Taco Bell lover might be aggravating due to the restricted selections. But there is some good news: the chain’s newest menu item, which will be available statewide on December 21, will be accessible nationwide. And, for the time being, the restaurant is not utilizing the terms “limited time only” with its most recent new offering.

Taco Bell Launches a New Double Berry Freeze

Taco Bell’s new menu drinks: Frozen Coffee and Churro Chillers are presently only available in California, but everyone will be able to enjoy the new Double Berry Freeze slushies, a swirling combination of Blue Raspberry and Wild Strawberry Freezes, which are also available on the Taco Bell menu. If you’re searching for something to give you brain freeze this winter, Taco Bell stores around the country have it.

According to the company’s website, Taco Bell’s menu is totally customizable. It invites clients to “take it to the next level,” which includes requesting that its Freeze flavors be custom blended. Before it was formally released as the Double Berry Freeze, the swirling slushie was previously available. But the dish, which Taco Bell describes as a “sweet symphony of taste” “bursting with berry flavors,” is no longer a special request.

The Double Berry Freeze is available in two sizes: 16 oz. and 20 oz. The standard size will set you back $3.29, while the big will set you back $3.49. However, if you go to Taco Bell between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m., known as “Happier Hour,” you can enjoy a 16-ounce Double Berry Freeze for just $1. During those afternoon hours, all Taco Bell Freeze varieties are $1 (as are all medium fountain beverages, for what it’s worth). That’s more than enough to make us pleased.

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