Today Star’s Prompt Led to NBC’s Antonia Hylton’s Cancer Diagnosis

Antonia Hylton

On November 30, Antonia Hylton appeared on the Third Hour of Today, when she revealed for the first time her cancer diagnosis.

The NBC News journalist spoke with hosts Craig Melvin, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer about her struggle with a neuroendocrine tumor, a rare kind of cancer.

Antonia told the anchors that she had ignored her symptoms, which included persistent stomach pains, for a long time.

She admitted that it was “easy for me to just write it off” at first, blaming the problems on her hectic road life.

She told herself, “I travel, I’m on planes, (and) maybe I don’t have the best diet.” But I enjoy what I do, so it’s worthwhile, and I’m not going to let these symptoms stop me.”

However, it was after hearing Craig share the terrible story of his brother Lawrence’s death from colon cancer that she decided to consult a doctor.

She stated that “something about that really stuck with me,” as did viewing a TikTok video of a lady diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 24.

Antonia was referred to obtain a colonoscopy as her symptoms worsened, which resulted in her receiving a distressing call from the doctor on her 30th birthday.

The screening test discovered a polyp, which turned out to be a neuroendocrine tumor, a rare kind of cancer that pumps hormones into the bloodstream, she told the Today anchors.

Antonia was understandably “panicking,” but fortunately, because it was detected early, it was treatable. “I underwent a series of surgeries to remove tissue as well as screening tests to see whether the cancer had spread.

“The most recent scan revealed that I am completely clear,” she stated. The 30-year-old has learned to pay more attention to her body and any changes in symptoms. “I learned a really important lesson at 30 to listen to myself and to put myself first,” she said.

“I adore my job.” I worked hard here at NBC and will continue to do so. But I’ve learnt that I really need to prioritize my health and not put these things off.”

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