Travis Kelce’s Eating Plan Throughout Each Chiefs Practice

Travis Kelce's eating plan

Aaron and André Eanes, the NFL star’s managers, revealed insights about Travis Kelce’s ascent to popularity in a recent feature published by the recent ‘New York Times.’

From what we can tell, we’ll continue to learn about Travis Kelce’s eating plan until 2024—and we’re already taking notes.

Fans have previously heard about the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s favorite cereals, go-to fast food burger restaurant, and favorite holiday side dishes, as well as some dietary dislikes, such as the fact that he does not consume “white condiments.”

We now know what the Catching Kelce alum eats on a daily basis, due to a detailed New York Times feature on his managers, brothers Aaron and André Eanes, and their role in organizing his professional success, which was published on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

While discussing Travis’ ascent to popularity, the article made it clear that, despite all of the additional attention due to his love relationship with Taylor Swift, the viral impact “hasn’t changed him,” even down to what he eats on a daily basis. It also helped that he was already used to being in the spotlight, which the brothers were keen to emphasize amid the speculation that he was dating the pop diva.

Kelce and his personal chef, Kumar Ferguson, have been friends since fourth grade, when they played recreational basketball together. According to the newspaper, Ferguson (still) drives home-cooked meals—typically wild rice, chicken, and vegetables—to the Chiefs’ practice site every day so that he and Mr. Kelce may have lunch together.

Above all, it appears that the NFL star’s tendency to stay true to himself is what makes fans adore him even more.

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