Will Tennyson, Bodybuilder Tried the “Gauntlet” Arm Day Exercise by C.T. Fletcher

Will Tennyson, Bodybuilder Tried the "Gauntlet" Arm Day Exercise

While exercising with the powerlifting veteran, Will Tennyson experienced the largest triceps pump of his life.

Will Tennyson, a YouTuber and bodybuilder, has trained alongside some of the strongest and swolest competitors in his fields, including arm wrestling champion Michael Todd and World’s Strongest Man title holder Mitchell Hooper. Tennyson joins the gym for an arm day session with famed bodybuilder, powerlifter, and “iron addict” C.T. Fletcher in a new video on his channel.

Fletcher, a three-time World Bench Press and three-time World Strict Curl Champion, currently runs the Iron Addicts Gym and works as a fitness teacher there. Fletcher is well-known for the “gauntlet,” a grueling triceps program consisting of 200 skull crushers performed on the ground.

“It’s going to build some big-ass triceps, and big-ass triceps are essential to a big-ass bench,” Fletcher says of Tennyson’s massive set, which he describes as “200 reps of hell.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a tricep pump like this,” Tennyson adds after completing all 200. “I think I’ve added two inches.”

They then attempt the rigorous curl. According to Fletcher, “if you want to be really good at the strict curl, you’ve got to curl heavy,” so Tennyson starts with 125 pounds and gradually increases to 130, remarking that it seems much heavier after training his triceps so hard.

Following that is the bench press, which Fletcher claims Tennyson passes “with flying fucking colors,” followed by the preacher curl. Tennyson closes the hard session with standing cable pulldowns, which he does to failure, meeting Fletcher’s single request of all his clients: to give him everything they’ve got.

“Look at those biceps on that guy,” Fletcher adds. “He did everything I threw at him.” His decision? Will Tennyson is described as a “bad motherfucker.”

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