Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White of The Iron Claw Were Asked If ‘Real’ Wrestlers Utilize Performance Enhancers

The Iron Claw producers spoke with Jeremy Allen White and Zac Efron

The Iron Claw producers spoke with Jeremy Allen White and Zac Efron about how severely they should practice to become wrestlers.

“I inquired. “I remember asking myself, ‘Do real wrestlers do anything or are they just on their own?'” White, 32, made the remark during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio on Thursday, December 21, ostensibly alluding to performance-enhancing substances. “And everyone was like, ‘They’re on their own,’ then I was like, ‘We’re on our own.'”

Efron, 36, agreed with his co-star, saying that “you can’t help but have that moment” when doing out.

“‘Do I slip something in here?'” Efron joined in, playfully. “We also stayed on really well during matches, [and] there was no layer of protection under [my briefs].” If things go off, we’ve got a tremendous audience out there.”

The Iron Claw, which opens in theaters on Friday, December 22, stars Efron and White as wrestling champions Kevin and Kerry Von Erich. The film is based on the real-life wrestling dynasty of the Von Erich family. (David Von Erich, Kevin and Kerry’s brother, is played by Harris Dickinson.)

While White, Efron, and Dickinson, all 27, were blasted for their roles as professional athletes, White remarked on Thursday that “it wasn’t even a question” who was the strongest, a dig at Efron.

“I mean, I did [make an effort].” “I ate more and lifted more weights, but it’s the truth,” White continued.

White, for his part, had a “killer transformation” to play Kerry, according to Efron. “It was wild,” said the High School Musical star on Thursday. “One of the coolest things in the film is when Jeremy… does these overhead push-ups from the ground.” Those are difficult to do! I don’t get many reps in them, but I was amazed. You blasted out 10 to 15 in one take — and then again while doing the kegstand.”

“I was there watching that scene and it was Lily [James] and I, we had coverage, so the camera was just watching us watch him and [Jeremy] just kept going,” Efron revealed. It was incredible.”

While White acknowledged his co-star’s compliment, he revealed that he had “a lot of help” getting in shape.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” White previously said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last month. “I knew I needed to eat more, so I did. I knew I needed to carry heavy items, therefore I did so. And I was aware that you should avoid [cardio]. I like to run and jump rope in my spare time because it makes me feel good, but these men didn’t do much of it. It was just sort of lifting.”

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