Alan Carr Opens About the Devastating Encounter that Motivated him to Fight Childhood Cancer

Alan Carr

When comic Alan Carr sets his mind to anything, you can guarantee he’ll complete it. After a painful encounter with parents who had lost children to the uncommon illness, the much-loved British comedian told about the moment he chose to become a patron for Neuroblastoma UK.

“I just thought, right, I’m just gonna do something about it,” said the 47-year-old, who was inspired to act after being invited to one of the charity’s auctions.

“While I was there, I began talking to people who thanked me profusely for supporting the charity.” And the numbers, oh my goodness. This disease is so aggressive, and I’m listening to survivors and parents who have lost children… there’s one man in a wheelchair who has it all up his spine.”

Alan was astounded by how little the general public knows about cancer. “No one even knows how to say neuroblastoma, let alone what it does,” he adds. “No one knows about it, no one knows it affects children under the age of five.” Half of the struggle is about generating awareness as well as money. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and bowel cancer are all discussed, but neuroblastoma, which affects youngsters, is never mentioned.”

Since 2016, the TV personality has been involved with Neuroblastoma UK. In the run-up to Christmas, the charity is partnering with Big Give to assist quadruple their donations. The nonprofit is committed to the discovery of a cure.

Alan distinguishes Neuroblastoma UK from other charity by saying, “They’re all very hands-on.” Many of those engaged have lost children. So you experience it directly when we go to meetings.

“It doesn’t feel faceless; it feels like a family.” And you’d be in tears seeing how everyone helps one other because everyone has been there.”

Alan was left with a lasting impression by Neuroblastoma UK, who outlined the different ways in which they give help.

“It can also provide emotional support.” It might be financial support with expenses, followed by obtaining the children the greatest care possible. It’s the whole shebang. They’re with you the entire time. And the more money we have, the more lives we can save and the more resources we can acquire to just eradicate it.”

Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer that arises from cells left over after the development of a kid in the womb.

Neuroblastoma affects around 100 children in the United Kingdom each year, accounting for approximately 6% of all childhood cancer diagnoses.

It often affects children under the age of five and can occur prior to the birth of a kid. After brain tumors, it is the second most frequent solid tumor in children.

The organization has raised approximately £9 million to aid in the research of the disease and the development of improved therapies. Alan and Neuroblastoma UK want to collect an additional £8,000 by partnering with Big Give, which promises to double any charitable donations made in the run-up to Christmas.

“We’re trying to raise £4000 in donations, which will increase to £8000 thanks to Big Give,” Alan explained. It’s the first time Neuroblastoma UK has been involved. And it’s the simplest method to get most out of your money.”

“I really want to help these children battling cancer, then this is a perfect time because whatever you give will be doubled and we’re twice as grateful.”

Alan can be seen in ITV’s Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream when he isn’t working with Neuroblastoma UK. Along with Samantha Barks, Amber Riley, and Jessie Ware, the comedian serves as a judge on the reality show.

Alan stated of the show, “Oh, I absolutely love it.” It’s fantastic. “I mean, you may have heard this, but I started crying when I got the job,” he said, adding that he would return in a “heartbeat” if the program was renewed for a second season.

Away from his TV career, Alan just ended the US tour of his stand-up act, ‘Regional Trinket’. “I got such a lovely welcome,” he added. “But you realize how vast it is.” I mean, there was one insane day when I did New York and then had to travel across the country to do two gigs in Los Angeles. That was rather ridiculous. But it’s a lot of fun.”

One of Alan’s favorite parts of the trip was seeing his dear friend Adele in the crowd. “That was wonderful and it was nice to catch up with her,” he went on to say.

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