An Inside Look at Kourtney Kardashian’s Postpartum Exercise Routine

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian captured her first day back at the gym seven weeks after giving birth to baby Rocky.

In a brief video posted to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Dec. 20, the new mom joyfully discussed her first day back at the gym since giving birth.

“7 weeks postpartum,” the 44-year-old reality personality started in a snippet of text overlaid on top of a clip of herself walking on a treadmill with music playing in the background.

“First day in the gym,” she went on to say, “doing 30 minutes walking [speed set to] 3.0 [and] 12.0 incline.”

“Taking it easy,” stated the Poosh founder. “No rush no pressure mamas, your body is healing, it’s not a race.”

Kardashian and husband Travis Barker, 48, had son Rocky last month, as the Hulu star hinted in the video. She is, in fact, seven weeks postpartum to the day, having given birth to the baby boy on Wednesday, November 1.

According to sources close to the pair, Kardashian and Barker’s relationship has altered in the weeks since–but only for the better.

“Kourtney and Travis are over the moon and could not be more elated that they share a child of their own together,” a person familiar with the matter told ET. “Kourtney and Travis had an unbreakable bond before having a baby together, but having a baby together has brought them even closer and made them fall even more in love.” This encounter has cemented their belief that they were meant to be together.”

Kourtney has three children with her ex-partner Scott Disick: 14-year-old Mason Dash, 11-year-old Penelope Scotland, and 9-year-old Reign Aston, while Travis has three children with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler: 17-year-old Alabama Luella, 20-year-old Landon, and 24-year-old stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya.

While receiving the child appears to have brought the entire family closer together, when the pregnancy was originally publicized, it “really hurt” her mother Kris Jenner since the pair must have taken a cue from Paris Hilton and concealed the news from their family until they were ready to tell the world.

Jenner found out her eldest daughter was pregnant in the same way the rest of the world did–when she held up a sign in the audience of a Blink-182 concert that read, “Travis I’m Pregnant,” a nod to the rocker’s “All the Small Things” music video.

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