Teddi Mellencamp Undergoes Surgery to Remove Shoulder Skin During Cancer Battle

Teddi Mellencamp

Teddi Mellencamp said that physicians “cut out” a section of her shoulder skin and replaced it with a “flap” of skin from her back to cure her melanoma, the most deadly kind of skin cancer.

While battling melanoma, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed that she had another operation. Mellencamp had extensive excision for melanoma and soft tissue defect restoration with nearby tissue rearrangement after her five-week treatment regimen failed.

“Basically, they cut out the area of my shoulder and replaced it with a flap of skin from below on my back,” she said on Instagram on December 27. “But the pain and discomfort are all worth it.”

The 42-year-old said, “The outpouring of love and prayers in the comments and DMs has left me speechless (which is difficult).” I wish I could react to everyone, but please know that I will be eternally thankful.”

She concluded by urging followers to have their skin examined for cancer, saying, “I promise you do not want to go through this.”

Mellencamp was diagnosed with stage two melanoma in October 2022 after physicians discovered an irregular lesion on her body. Later that month, she underwent surgery to remove melanomas and lymph nodes.

Doctors, however, continued to find malignant areas. Three months ago, she revealed that physicians had biopsied yet another area, which had similarly shown melanoma.

“I have been debating whether I should even publicly talk about this or not but then I remember how every time I post about skin cancer someone else is reminded to get checked,” she posted on her Instagram account in September. “I can’t even remember if this is the 12th or 13th one.”

Mellencamp then began immunotherapy, which helps the immune system attack malignant cells. However, after a month, she was dissatisfied with the outcomes.

“Just had a big old cry,” the reality star said on her Instagram Story on December 18. “Got the call from my doctor that the immunotherapy did not work, was not successful.”

At the time, John Mellencamp’s daughter mentioned that one of her alternatives was to have another extensive excision operation with a plastic surgeon on December 26.

“It’s such a big area,” she said, “and then just keep getting my checks every three months.”

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