The Unexpected Way Jason Momoa Approaches His Diet in Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa

Want to learn more about Jason Momoa’s diet for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

For the sequel, he just kept things basic.

“I don’t do calories,” Jason Momoa revealed in an exclusive conversation with Francesca Amiker. “I just eat.”

What does he eat? “Everything,” the actor clarified. “I just eat and consume because you’re burning so many calories.” I’m constantly on the move and work long days.”

“I just shovel it in and then work hard,” he explained. Work hard, eat hard, and play hard; just get it done.”

And, while Jason and his muscles make a big impression in the film, he doesn’t alter his diet to achieve a certain look.

“I don’t really do it for vanity,” the 44-year-old went on to say. “It’s more for my own safety.” You must be prepared. You’re putting on a suit that weighs 40 pounds. You must be able to move. That type of motion simply puts a lot of strain on your knees. So you just do it to avoid being wounded.”

There’s also a lot of action. Jason’s Aquaman (a.k.a. Arthur Curry) is the King of Atlantis in the James Wan-directed picture, and he partners up with his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) to face Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who aims to destroy Aquaman and his realm.

But Aquaman’s new duty as king isn’t the only one. He’s also a parent and a spouse, having married Mera (Amber Heard). And Jason, who is a father himself and has two children with former Lisa Bonet, Lola Iolani, 16, and Nakoa-Wolf, 15, emphasized his desire to display this part of his character.

“It’s all things you never got to play in the last four films that I’ve done,” the Justice League alum explained, adding later, “I’m like, ‘People need to see this side of him.'” So that was my desire, and I think people would really enjoy it.”

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